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Explanation of Urolift surgery

UROLIFT surgery

Dr Lee CW Francis, Honorary Consultant of Urology, did the first UroLift surgery at Canossa Hospital in May 2019. This was the first UroLift surgery in Hong Kong. The  BPH patients who had undergone the operation with excellent results and their quality of life improved.

Explanation of Urolift surgery and are the advantages over traditional prostatectomy
The UroLift System treatment is a relatively new procedure for the management of symptomatic benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). In contrast to the traditional ablative prostate surgery, UroLift procedure  holds the prostate lobes apart by tiny implants. The analogy is like opening up the  curtains on a window, to relieve compression of the urethra. This allows urine to flow normally again. There is no cutting, heating or removal of prostate tissue.


Is UroLift Procedure suitable for all BPH patients?

The Urolift  is ideal for patients over 50 year old with a relatively small to moderate sized prostate gland who do not want to take a daily dose of medication and do not want any invasive operations.

The advantages of UroLift surgery

Short  procedure performed under MAC or LA . Other benefits are:

  • Day procedure
  • Minimally invasive
  • Minimal time off work
  • Typically no catheter or overnight stay required after treatment
  • Preservation of sexual function while most other treatments may affect
  • Durable results
  • Rapid symptom relief, as early as 2 weeks post procedure


Operation time 15 mins or less 60-90 mins
Anesthesia LA or AC GA or SA
Tissue concern Compresses Ablates
Erectile Dysfunction 0% 5-9%
Retrograde Ejaculation            0% Mostly
Catheter required Occasional All cases
Length of hospital stay less than 24 hours 3 to 5 days

For consultation of urology surgeon, please phone outpatient department at 2825 5805