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Telephone Service

Dial "9" for an outside line.


Maintenance of Order & Silence

  • To maintain peace and tranquility for the comfort of the others in ward, visitors are requested to observe the visiting rules:
  • To visit between 9:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.
  • Limit to two visitors per patient at any time.
  • Visit by children under 12 is not advisable.
  • No smoking is allowed within the Hospital compound. Patients and visitors are requested to refrain from creating noises which may disturb others. (All audiovisual equipment must be turned down to minimum volume when in use or it is advisable to use headset.)
  • Burning of incense and joss sticks is not permitted within the Hospital premises.
  • Unauthorized video and audio recordings are not allowed.

Other Hospital Services

  • Patients and their friends may be interested in services available to out-patients.
  • 24-hour out-patient clinic staffed by five experienced medical officers.
  • Specialists in all major disciplines are available for consultation by appointment.
  • General physical check-up schemes, baby and child health service, day surgery and many other services are also available.
  • For all out-patients enquires, please contact 2825 5805 or WhatsApp 52863013
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