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Maternity Services

Canossa Hospital has been accredited by Hong Kong College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists . The Maternity Unit offers individual care to pregnant women to ensure that all their needs are met through a team of experienced midwives and consultant obstetricians, physiotherapists and dieticians. Educational classes are arranged for preparation of childbirth as well as exercise classes to help maintain general fitness.

There is an elegantly decorated VIP suite, open view of Hong Kong Central Mid-Level and en-suite facilities, for pregnant mothers to enjoy their delivery in a comfortable and relaxing environment.

There is a comprehensive range of Operation & Delivery Packages to enhance price transparency. The renovated Maternity Unit includes three new labour suites and one obstetric theatre.


Baby  Nursery


Vip Suite



Single Room


Semi-Private Room


6-bed Room


Equipment and Facilities

  • 3 well equipped labour rooms ( Each room with 1 resuscitator and 1 labour bed )
  • 1 well equipped Operation theatre
  • 1 normal nursery with 30 baby cots
  • 1 special nursery with 6 incubators and 1 respirator
  • 1 nursing room for breastfeeding mothers



  • Pre-natal observation and nursing care
  • Delivery room and operation room service including nursing care and routine observation monitoring and treatment
  • Post-natal observation care and treatment
  • Neonatal observation care and treatment
  • Teaching of postnatal and infant care
  • Post-natal exercise class conducted by qualified physiotherapist
  • Provide individual supervision for breastfeeding mothers and a breastfeeding room offers a good opportunity for the breastfeeding mothers to learn and share their experience together
  • Special Nursery for baby needs special care
  • Personalised care in Labour room