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Endoscopy Centre

Canossa Endoscopy Centre is managed by a team of dedicated and experienced endoscopists and well trained nurses. We provide quality and safe endoscopic services to our patients.

The Endoscopy Centre consists of two endoscopy rooms and another room with negative pressure for performing Bronchoscopy. All rooms are equipped with advanced endoscopic equipment to facilitate different endoscopic procedures such as:

  • Colonoscopy
  • Cystoscopy
  • Bronchoscopy
  • Oesophago-Gastro-Duodenoscopy (OGD)
  • Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography (ERCP)
  • Capsule Endoscopy* (5 working days in advance booking is necessary)
  Hospital & Doctor Charges
Day case
Endoscopy Package IV Sedation MAC
Gastroscopy $10,300 $12,600
Gastroscopy + Polypectomy and/or Biopsy (3 or less) $13,300 $15,900
Gastroscopy + Polypectomy and/or Biopsy (more than 3) $15,600 $18,300
Colonoscopy $12,400 $15,300
Colonoscopy + Polypectomy and/or Biopsy (3 or less) $15,400 $18,500
Colonoscopy + Polypectomy and/or Biopsy (more than 3) $17,700 $21,000
Gastroscopy + Colonoscopy $17,720 $21,200
Gastroscopy + Colonoscopy + Polypectomy and/or Biopsy (3 or less) * $21,000 $25,600
Gastroscopy + Colonoscopy + Polypectomy and/or Biopsy (more than 3) $23,200 $27,900

* If there are Polypectomy and/or Biopsy for both endoscopies, the fee will be referred to “Gastroscopy + Colonoscopy + Polypectomy and/or Biopsy (more than 3)”.

Consent for Endoscopic Procedure

Endoscopy Packages include:

  1. Basic medications & consumables
  2. Endoscopic report
  3. General medical equipment
  4. Use of recovery room
  5. Helicobacter pylori (CLO) test for gastroscopy
  6. Histopathology fee
  7. Endoscopist fee
  8. Anesthetist charges and anesthesia drugs



  1. Ward charges
  2. Pathology (Microbiology bx for C/ST)
  3. DVD


3/F, 1 Old Peak Road, Hong Kong.
Mon to Sat:0830 - 1630
Sun/Public Holiday:Closed
(852)2825 5326
  • The above package is applicable for designated doctors only
  • Patient must be assessed by our resident doctor and staff, and maybe further referred to specialist doctor on medical condition in order to use the Endoscopy package.  Extra cost maybe incurred and patient may not be able to use the package.
  • Fee charges will be different for patients who choose their own doctors.
    The price is for reference only. Canossa Hospital (Caritas) reserves the right to amend the information without prior notification.
  • Service charges will be adjusted after normal hours accordingly.
    Effective: 1 Apr 2024