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SPORTS MEDICINE & MIS CENTRE PACKAGES for designated doctors only

Knee ACL Reconstruction - 2 DAYS $108,000
Knee Partial Meniscectomy - 2 DAYS $60,000

Package included items:

  • Days of hospitalization specified as per above
  • Doctors’ fees (include all attending, specialist, resident and visiting doctors’ fees) and anesthetist fees
  • Standard room charges (include accommodation of 8 bed ward and meals)
  • Essential & related investigative procedure charges (including physiotherapy service)
  • Operating theatre charges (including extra operation theatre time for prolonged surgical operations)
  • Nursing procedure charges
  • Medication fee
  • Equipment / instrument charges
  • Consumable / implant charges

Package excluded items:

  • Companion bed / guest meals
  • Additional charges incurred from surgery not related to this operation package
  • Changing bed

Package extension:

  • The price for extension stay is $4500 per day
  • The price includes:
    • Doctors’ fee
    • Room charges (including accommodation and meals)
    • Nursing procedure, medication fees and physiotherapy service
    • Equipment / instrument charges
    • Consumable

The price does not cover charges from any additional surgery or any other additional services and items not listed above.


  • A deposit of 50% of package price by cash or credit card need to be paid prior to hospital admission.
  • Bills should be settled directly by patient upon discharge. Guarantee of payment from insurer or employer is not accepted.