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Obstetric Packages

In order to provide prospective parents with an accurate estimate of costs to have their babies delivered in Canossa Hospital, the following Obstetric Packages are offered: 

3 days Vaginal Delivery
5 days Caesarean Section Delivery

If you wish to extend your stay beyond package, extra charges will be added for room, nursery and other
miscellaneous items. 

The packages are designed to be as comprehensive as possible, although special circumstances may incur additional charges. 

Obstetric Packages Services
Both Vaginal Delivery & Caesarean Section Delivery Packages include the following services:

For the mother:

  • Teaching of post-natal and infant care
  • Post-natal exercise class conducted by qualified physiotherapist
  • Use of breast-pump.
  • Facilities will be provided in Private Rooms for one companion at night at no extra charge

For the baby:

  • Nursing room charges including a bed warmer on the first day and hygiene items
  • Routine neonatal care and resuscitation in the delivery room immediately following delivery
  • Routine nursing care and parent craft teaching including breast-feeding instructions
  • Free first visit to our Celeste Child Health Centre for cord care, body weight and advice prior to three weeks of age
  • Free gift of baby photo and birth record card upon discharge from hospital
  • Facilities will be provided in Private Rooms for one companion at night at no extra cost
  • New-born's personal homepage
  • On-line web-viewing for boarding baby

Normal Vaginal Delivery (3 days)

For the mother this includes:

  • Room charges (full board)
  • Routine pre-natal observation and nursing care
  • Routine normal delivery room services including nursing care and routine observation monitoring and treatment
  • Routine post-natal observation care and treatment

Elective Caesarean Section (5 days)

For the mother this includes:

  • Room charges (full board)
  • All routine pre-operation preparations
  • Routine operation room service and nursing care
  • Routine post-natal and operation observation, care and treatment

Information for Maternity Admission

Things to be brought to the hospital:

  • Doctor's letter and antenatal blood test reports
  • ID cards / passport (husband and wife)
  • Personal belongings: well supportive bras, pyjamas, personal toiletries
  • For those choosing obstetric package, hospital will provide waterproof underpads, maternity sanitary pads and elastic underwears in designated quantity.

Things for baby on discharge:

  • Clothes, mitten, wrapper ...etc.

Admission procedure should be done:

  • At admission counter on ground floor
  • For Elective Caesarean Section, please be admitted at least 4 hours before operation

When to admit:

  • Regular uterine contraction (with or without pain)
  • Show (blood with mucous discharge from vagina)
  • Rupture of membranes (watery discharge from vagina)

If you have any of the above sign, you should contract your doctor and be admitted immediately

The Following Items are NOT included in the Package:

Emergency procedures, treatment and special equipment

laboratory tests, x-ray, ultrasound, blood transfusion, all medications
Extra items such as nipple shield, abdominal binder, etc.
Incubator and phototherapy
Doctor's fees
Others such as listed in the Price Table
Fees are subject to revision without prior notice
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