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Bilateral Partial (Uni-compartmental ) Knee Replacement Package (HK$316,800)
for designated doctors only

Package included items:

  1. 4 or 5 days hospitalization
  2. Doctors’ fees (include all attending, specialist, resident and visiting doctors’ fees) and anesthetist fees
  3. Standard room charges (8 bed ward)
  4. Essential & related investigative procedure charges (including laboratory testing, diagnostic imaging and physiotherapy service)
  5. Operating theatre charges (including extra operation theatre time for prolonged surgical operations)
  6. Nursing procedure charges
  7. Medication fee
  8. Equipment / instrument charges
  9. Consumable / implant charges

Package excludes items:

  1. Meals / companion bed
  2. Extraordinary charges occurred beyond normal procedures
  3. Changing bed

Package extension:

  1. The price for extension stay is $5,300 per day
  2. The price includes:
    • Doctors’ fee
    • Room charges
    • Nursing procedure, medication fees and physiotherapy service
    • Equipment / instrument charges
    • Consumable

The price does not cover charges from any additional surgery or any other additional services and items not listed above.

  • A deposit of 50% of package price by cash or credit card need to be paid prior to hospital admission.
  • Bills should be settled directly by patient upon discharge. Guarantee of payment from  insurer or employer is not accepted.


- The price is for reference only. Canossa Hospital (Caritas) reserves the right to amend the information without prior notification.

- Effective from 1 Apr 2024