ホーム業務内容セレステ・チャイルドヘルスセンターChild Development & Assessment Service
Child Development & Assessment Service

Child Development & Assessment Service

by Specialists in Developmental-Behavioural Paediatrics

Parents with concerns about their child’s development may make an appointment for a comprehensive assessment to address their concerns and facilitate early child intervention.


Common child developmental issues

  • Language delay
  • Motor delay or clumsiness
  • Learning problems
  • Reading and writing problems
  • Socio-emotional & behavioural difficulties, e.g.
    • Temper tantrums, anxiety
    • Hyperactivity, inattention problem
    • Social communication problems (e.g. suspected autistic features)
    • Sleep and eating problems

In general, an initial Assessment includes

  • Parent interview
  • Child evaluation
  • Parent counselling
  • Referral for training services
  • Recommendations on further medical investigation or prescription of medication, if necessary


Duration of Initial Assessment

In general, it ranges from 2.5 to 3.5 hours, depending on the child’s age and condition.


Hourly Rates for the Initial Consultation:
Consultation for the 1st hour
Consultation for subsequent hours (per hour)


Hourly Rate for Follow up Consultation:
Consultation per hour



  • Fees are charged by 30-minute units. Consultation in excess of 15 minutes will be charged as a 30-minute unit.
  • The price does not include fees for a full assessment report and medication.
  • The charges are subject to change without prior notice.