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Orthopaedic Centre of Canossa Hospital was found by Professor Arthur Yau in 1980. This is the first private orthopaedic centre based in private hospital in Hong Kong. The centre strives to provide holistic orthopaedic care to the community. Our vision is to provide comprehensive and quality emergency and elective orthopaedic services to our community.


Introduction to our services:

Orthopaedics includes different subspecialties including trauma, sports surgery, joint replacement & reconstruction, spine surgery, hand & foot surgery, paediatric orthopaedic surgery, orthopaedic oncology & orthopaedic rehabilitation. Here, our specialists are ready to provide holistic care and support to cater your needs.


Trauma Service

Orthopaedic trauma is the most common orthopaedic condition. Trauma can occur in any bones, it can be small or large, long or short. Hence, the varieties are enormous. Treatment may vary from conservative treatment like closed reduction & casting to operative treatment like open reduction and internal fixation. Our experienced surgeons will choose the best option of treatment for our patients. Apart from acute injuries, sometimes the injury may be missed or mal-treated due to various reasons. Our specialists can also provide a good and sound second opinion.
Common Procedures: Closed reduction and cast; Open reduction and internal fixation; hemiarthroplasty


Sports Surgery

Sports medicine is a fast evolving specialty from the demand of our patients. Soft tissue injuries around shoulder and knee are frequent. The common examples are recurrent shoulder dislocation, rotator cuff tear, anterior cruciate ligament tear, meniscus tear. Again, treatment may vary from conservative treatment like brace to operative treatment like arthroscopic ACL reconstruction and rotator cuff repair. The minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery significantly reduces length of stay and hastens rehabilitation. After treatment, a well-planned protocol for rehabilitation is mandatory. Our collaboration with experienced therapists will ensure a smooth recovery.
Common Procedures: ACL reconstruction; meniscus repair; rotator cuff repair; Bankart repair


Joint Replacement Surgery

Hip and knee replacement are common procedures for osteoarthritis of hips and knees respectively especially among our ageing population. The surgery guarantees excellent pain relief and functional improvement. With the evolution of surgical techniques, design of prosthesis and rehabilitation, the surgical outcomes significantly improve. We provide cutting edge technologies using robotic assisted surgery to ensure flawless surgery. Moreover, we are capable to perform complicated revision joint replacement. Our collaboration with the joint replacement specialists at Canossa Hospital will strive the best service for our patients.
Common Procedures: Total Knee Replacement; Bilateral Total Knee Replacement; Partial (Uni-Compartmental) Knee Replacement; Bilateral Partial (Uni-Compartmental) Knee Replacement; Total Hip Replacement


Spine Care & Surgery

Neck and back pain are very common orthopaedic conditions. Most patients do not require surgery. The accurate diagnosis, plan of treatment and rehabilitation are keys to success of treatment. Our specialists equip the expertise from open spine surgery to minimally invasive surgery and will choose the best treatment based on condition rather than fashion. Certainly, after spine surgery, rehabilitation is mandatory. Our collaboration with physiotherapist at Canossa Hospital will ensure your smooth recovery.
Common Procedures: Lumbar discectomy; lumbar spinal decompression; lumbar spinal fusion; cervical spinal fusion; percutaneous vertebroplasty


Upper Limb Surgery

There are many causes of hand, wrist and elbow orthopaedic conditions. Among some common overuse conditions are De Quervain Disease and Tennis elbow; nerve compression conditions like carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel syndrome; post-traumatic complications like TFCC tear and secondary osteoarthritis of the wrist, our specialists will ensure correct diagnosis, order appropriate investigations and plan the best treatment for our patients.
Common Procedures: Release of carpal tunnel; release of cubital tunnel; wrist arthroscopy; TFCC repair


Foot & Ankle Surgery

Our foot is the foundation of our lower limb. Any pain around foot and ankle will result in agony and functional limitation to our patients. Ankle sprain may vary from simple to complicated injury. Timely and appropriate treatment may provide the best chance of recovery. Elective surgery for hallux valgus (bunion surgery), ligamentous reconstruction, bony realignment procedures will resume the normal function of our patients.
Common Procedures: Reconstruction of hallux valgus; ankle arthroscopy; ligamentous reconstruction of ankle


Paediatric Orthopaedics

Paediatric trauma is extremely common. Since children’s musculoskeletal system is immature, their growth potential may be jeopardized if not treated properly. Our specialists provide timely and professional services to minimize their complications. Besides, Paediatric foot, hip and spine problems cannot be underrated too. Ponseti method is the golden treatment of clubfoot now. Developmental hip dysplasia (DDH) may occur in new born without any risk factors. Our specialists will ensure prompt treatment to avoid future complication like osteoarthritis. During puberty, scoliosis is another common condition that cannot be missed. Delay in treatment will result in complicated spine surgery.
Common procedures: Serial casting of clubfoot; closed reduction and hip spica for DDH; correction of scoliosis


Orthopaedic Oncology

Primary and secondary malignant bone tumours are serious orthopaedic conditions that require early intervention. Staging of the disease followed by early surgical intervention are utmost important to save one’s life and function. This requires collaboration with radiologists, pathologists, oncologists and orthopaedic surgeons. With the advent in computer navigation, accurate excision of tumour and limb saving surgery is viable.

Common Procedures: Wide local excision of sarcoma and reconstruction; tumour prosthesis


Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

“Reduction if necessary, Surgery if necessary, Rehabilitation always”, a motto learnt by all orthopaedic trainees from day one.  This explains the importance of rehabilitation for any orthopaedic condition. Since many conditions may involve nervous system, early intervention is utmost important to avoid long term disability. Our specialists and therapists strive for rapid recovery after injury or orthopaedic conditions that jeopardize your function. 
Common procedures: Gait training; Functional training; Pain management


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