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Spinal Reconditioning Program (SRP)


What is Spinal Reconditioning Program (SRP) ?

Spinal Reconditioning Program is a specialized exercise program under the supervision of a physiotherapist. Active exercises directed particularly to the back and the neck are prescribed using advanced devices from Finland that are specifically designed to address spinal conditions.


It aims at progressively improving the motor control, coordination, endurance and strength of spinal muscles. All these are essential for achieving the ultimate goals of freedom from pain and improvement in functions.


What is the difference between the SRP and conventional therapy?

Unlike conventional therapy methods (ultrasound, massage, heat, cold, etc.) that may reduce the symptoms for a while, the benefits obtained from the SRP are fundamental. SRP aims at achieving lasting results.


Who are suitable candidates for SRP ?

Most of the people with chronic back pain or neck pain are possible candidates for this program. Our therapists will assess your back and neck condition first before your participation in the program.


SRP leaflet for more details


2 Real stories to tell you

Story of Mr. Jesu (Retired. He had a diagnosis of ruptured disc at L2/3):

Well, for about 25 years, I had chronic back and neck pain. It became so bad that I could hardly stand up because of a very bad slipped disc (actually a ruptured disc). The doctor told me that I should go for a spinal surgery. As a last chance, I had physiotherapy for about a year, seeing good results that my back pain lessened a great deal. After 2 years, I had no more back pain. A repeated MRI showed that the leaked out gel of the ruptured disc had been reabsorbed by my body. So I was in really good condition. 

However, I found that I would have back pain again after stopping PT sessions for 2 weeks. Then I committed to 3 sessions per week on the reconditioning program, and I had no more back pain since then.  Now it is 5 years from that, and I can now even go on a 1-month trip without any back pain, as I need to travel a lot.

The spinal reconditioning program was really different from conventional physiotherapy, stretches, chiropractic, or acupuncture, etc.. I found that spinal reconditioning was what worked the best for me. I started off with a very weak back, and I saw a little bit of improvement each day I came, and now I feel completely well.


Story of Ms Kwan (A middle-aged housewife. She had a diagnosis of broad-based prolapsed disc at L3/4 leading to L3/4 spinal stenosis):

I have started my back trouble since 2016, with LBP from time to time. The condition seemed under control with medications till May 2017, that it got worse and worse, with pain radiating to my leg. Then I started physiotherapy such as electrotherapy (heat, traction, etc.) with some relief, but the effect seemed not lasting. Hence, I started the spinal reconditioning program, which I found working the best for my condition.

When I started with the program, I could not walk and stand longer than 10 minutes.  I still had some ups and downs at the beginning of the training program. Then I gradually felt better, that I could extend the walking time to 30minutes without feeling leg heaviness. Now I can walk and stand a lot without any hassles, including stairs or slopes.

(Remarks: Ms Kwan has been symptom free for more than 3 years. She is now doing a maintenance exercise program from time to time)

Referral from a medical doctor is needed to join SRP.

Please call 28255392 at Physiotherapy Department for enquiry or booking appointment.