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Physiotherapy Service Charges
In general terms, Physiotherapy charge is based on the duration of service, level of supervision and number of modalities provided. Besides, our service is charged based on physiotherapy treatment to a single body region or as affected by a single entity of condition. A list of the common physiotherapy service charges is shown below. Since our service charge is subject to revision from time to time, please contact our department (Telephone 28255392) directly for the most updated prices.


Physiotherapy Service 1st Class
2nd Class
3rd Class
Short Physiotherapy Session : $795 $645 $495 -
Standard Exercise Session : $1,520 $1,240 $955 $760
Rehabilitation Session : $1,870 $1,525 $1,175 $935
Long Rehabilitation Session : $2,325 $1,890 $1,455 $1,165
Extended Rehabilitation Session: $2,640 $2,145 $1,650 $1,320
Initial Consultation Charge* $510 $415 $320 $255

The above information is a general overview of service charges, not encompassing all the possible fees. As said, physiotherapy service is charged taking each body region and condition as the basis for charging unit. Should you require further information on fees, please contact our Accounting Department (5th floor) during office hours, or our Cashier Office (ground floor) after-hours.

* An additional initial consultation charge is applicable to the first session only.


Updated : 4.2024