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1.The following notes are issued for general information regarding collection and dispatch of specimens to the Microbiology Laboratory. When in doubt, please contact the laboratory staff by telephone (2825 5333 & 2825 5334).
2.Each specimen should be properly collected and placed in the appropriate container.
3.All specimens should be regarded as potentially infectious. Care must be taken to avoid contaminating the outside of the containers with specimens. All specimen containers should be tightly capped on receipt; otherwise the specimen will be rejected.
4.An appropriate request form must be attached to each specimen. This form must be properly completed.
5.All specimens must be delivered to the laboratory.
6.Forms to use
a) For urine routine, pregnancy test, stool routine, stool for occult blood and stool for Rotavirus use "Light-yellow form"
b) For all cultures, smear examinations and viral antigen detection use "Deep Yellow form" Please fill in name of antibiotics administered if Sensitivity Test is required. Do not fill in name of drugs that is not anti-bacterial agent such as anti-fungal, anti-viral, etc
c) For Body fluid routine, CSF routine, CSF for MTB by PCR and CSF for Cryptococcal antigen use "Green Form"
d) For viral titres/studies, viral cultures and investigations sending to Virus Unit (Department of Health), please also attach additional pink request form (DH1293A) suppling clinical finding/ history information & properly signed by requesting doctor.




Blood culture for bacteria
MW Bloodgrow culture bottle
Take blood culture before giving antibiotics: using aseptic technique. 3-5ml blood should be added into the blood culture bottle
Blood culture for Mycobacteria
Special bottle
By arrangement in advance with lab.
CSF for direct smear, antigen detection and culture
Sterile universal bottle or Elkay 12x75mm sterile tube
Send immediately after collection to avoid lysis of cells and death of organism
Body fluids other than CSF, e.g. joint fluid, pleural fluid etc for cell count and culture
Sterile universal bottle
Send immediately after collection
Pus, vaginal, cervical, eye, ear, wound, throat and nasal swabs for direct smear and culture.
Sterile plain cotton wool set
Send immediately after collection
NAP for direct viral antigen detection
Sterile disposable tracheal suction kit or sterile universal bottle
Send immediately after collection
Sputum for direct smear and culture
Sterile plastic container
Collect fresh sputum(not saliva) aseptically into the container
Urine for routine and/or culture
Sterile urine culture (yellow cap) bottle
Collect fresh random mid-stream urine. Minimum quantity required is 20 ml
Urine for pregnancy test
Urine culture(yellow cap) bottle
Stool for routine and/or culture
Red cap plastic bottle
Collect approx.10 gm fresh stool
Stool for amoeba
Red cap plastic bottle
Collect approx.10 gm fresh stool and select blood and mucus part. Send immediately to lab.
Stool for Rotavirus
Red cap plastic bottle
Collect fresh stool and send immediately to lab.
Tissue for smear and/or culture
Sterile universal bottle
Send to lab. without delay