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Message From Medical Superintendent

The extension of Canossa Hospital was completed two years ago and has been in full service since then. We have the surgical wards, obstetrics and gynecology wards, labour wards, operation theatres, laboratory, pathology and diagnostic imaging services housed in the extension.


The renovation of the old building is soon to be fully completed. To cater for the increasing number of out-patients, the entire ground floor and part of first floor is designated for both general and specialist out-patients.


Located in a convenient site in the mid-levels, the hospital will offer a high quality of medical service for the mid-levels population who prefers private medical care.The hospital will continuously tailor its services to meet the needs of the community in its catchment areas.  


The hospital is accredited by the Australian Council for Healthcare Services which is an internationally recognized body for healthcare facilities accreditation.  This has ensured that the hospital services are of international standards.  In the second cycle of organization wide survey in June 2015, we were accredited again for another 4 years.  At the survey, the hospital was recognized to have extensive achievements in various clinical & non clinical aspects.


Users of the hospital services can rest reassured that they will receive the best quality of care.


Dr. David Ho

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